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Naervaer [Jun. 30th, 2006|02:56 pm]

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Albums [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:18 pm]
"Demonstration-95" january 1996

I got this tape from Terje and it was without cover, just tape. So it looks like
there is no cover at all...

and this is seems to be a cover of the tape:

1.Vage tanker
2.Tenk stille (Dagen derpa)
3.I regn...
4.En som...
5.Tenk stille
7.Da skogene brant...

Jan K. Transeth - Vocals & all instruments
Terje Sagen - Vocals & all instruments

review from Dark Flowers 'zine #8
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Albums [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:17 pm]
7"EP '1997 Prophecy Productions
1.En Som...
2.Tenk stille (Dagen derpa)
3.The Lonely

mp3: En Som

Jan K. Transeth - Vocals & all instruments
Terje Sagen - Vocals & all instruments
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Albums [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:16 pm]
"Skiftinger" cd 2001 Prophecy Productions

Skiftinger means - Variations.
This is a russian edition released by Irond.

1.To Plan 03:44
2.Dшse Dager 03:01
3.Vi Sеґkke Land 03:53
4.92-Tid-99 10:00
5.Nummen 02:30
6.Bob Dylan Is the Fucking King 05:14
7.Sug 99 02:05
8.To Шyer... 03:49
9....To Hav 09:46
10.En Lonesome 02:40
11.Untitled 1 (Bonus) 05:26
12.Untitled 2 (Bonus) 05:57
13.Untitled 3 (Bonus) 01:23
14.Untitled 4 (Bonus) 02:34
15.Untitled 5 (Bonus) 02:21

mp3: 92-Tid-99, Dose Dager

Skiftninger was recorded &  mixed at Jailhouse studios between November 98 - March 99. Produced & engineered by Hans Eidskard &  Naervaer. Mastered at Proma Prod in the periode of June 99 - March 00. Piano was recorded at Hellemyr Skole. Background Effects recorded by Thore Winther & Bjorn Harstad. Coverphoto by Atom. Covergraphic by Ts.Geir Solli & Companions in Art. Digital design by Companions in art.

Terje Sagen (guitars, vocals, harmonica, piano, marimba, xylophone)
Tommy Jackson (drums & percussion)
Jan K. Transeth (vocals, xylophone, marimba, piano)
Arve Lomsland (accordion)
Runar Leite (trumpet)
Synne Larsen (vocals)
Geir Solli (sa´kke land)
Chris Botteri (ebow)
Bjorn Harstad (piano)
Jarl A (words)
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Albums [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:15 pm]
There were some rumors that Naervaer had one more album called "Naer".
Here some comments by Terje on this album:
"Hello & Thanks for the page!
We were planning to release the new CD thru Prophecy productions, but we didn`t manage to come to an agreement on this release. We have decided to offer it as a free release, which you can download from Karmakosmetix. Including 11 tracks + cover (The 8 songs from the demo + 3 new)
Karmakosmetix is presently working on a new web site, so I don`t know when the downloading is avaliable...Maybe whitin November 2006...
In the meantime you can check out some other not yet released music ideas here... http://www.myspace.com/98129560
OK. Take care & God bless!
Terje Sagen-Naervaer"

This cd contains music from 2 different periods of Nærvær. Track 1 - 8 was originally released on the MC "Demonstration - 95" in January 1996, and is now remastered an presented in a better sound quality Track 9 - 11 was recorded by in Panikkfabrikk in the summer of 2002 and have not been released earlier.
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Albums [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:14 pm]
KARMAKOSMETIX Promo Sampler - compilation

10. NÆRVÆR - ”To Plan - Strofe zwei”
Written by Terje Sagen.
Line-up: Terje Sagen - guitar, vocals, bass; Tommy Jackson - drums; Transit - vocals.
Recorded at Jailhouse Studio by Hans Eidskard.
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Band Foto [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:13 pm]
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Interview [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:12 pm]
Some stuff about In The Woods "Omnio" album:

Omnio artwork

"The pictures in the Omnio-booklet were chosen for each track after we had finished the recordings. Oddvar a:m did the front and back covers and '299 796 km/s', Juha Vuorma did I am your flesh and a friend of ours - Terje Sagen - did the rest."

"I think they should be interpreted individually to get a maximum effect. Often if you have an idea about something another artist has done, and he/she tell you that it's supposed to be something completely different, you lose some of the tension related to the 'item'. I definitely think it's better done individually."

Terje Sagen:
"I took three pics on the Omnio album. The first (used on Kairos!) is a experiment with light and mirrors. Using three mirrors in triangle - shooting some coloured light in the center - and shooting the picture from an angle. The second (used on Omnio?) was some note sheets lit by a picture of some trees through a slide. The third was the red circle which is a part of a picture I took one summer evening when the sky was red. There was no specific computer manipulation in the process."

"The photo-shoot for Omnio was actually pretty fun, 'cause we did a lot of experimentation. Oddvar took the cover pic on the CD and from what I know, it's a picture of a glass bowl made by his girlfriend, which he has lit up to get the different textures visible. It also looks like he has used some kind of filter to take away the sharpness in it."
Strange photo-shoot

Terje Sagen:
"It was all a big coincident actually. The band had gathered at their rehearsal place for the shoot, with now specific ideas in mind. In the floor upstairs from their room was a company producing masks and dresses for carnivals and theater and on that specific day they had a huge red backdrop hanging on the wall... It was our lucky day!"
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Interview [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:12 pm]

1. I've never come across the sound that escapes from 'Skiftninger', where did the idea for the sound of Naervaer come from? What is the history to Naervaer, and why the name?

Terje Sagen Back in 1993, I was 18 years old and pretty fed up by a lot of things. One of the things, was the kind of music I was playing. I had started out two years earlier on an electrical Kavai guitar and had joined a metal band called INNHALATOR. The band was not very serious, and after two years of metal riffs & rolling drums I`d had enough. But I didn`t want to give up music because I loved to make stuff, I was just tired of all the effects and all the techniques that dominated the el-guitar world at that moment – so I sold the electric guitar and returned to my nylon string guitar. This was the first move in the direction towards Naervaer. The new concept I was working on sounded something like this: It is not important what we play, it is how we play it that matters. The music should come natural, meaning that I weren’t gonna sit down and stress the stuff out. Instead of "making songs", the concept was revolving around reflecting moods from inside, so if a mood needed 3 years to mature and come out – That is what it got. In this period of my life, I was occupied with keeping things pure & natural. Our choice of instrumentation on our first outcome "Demonstration-95" reflected this. Classical guitars, cello, contra, flute, percussion where some of the instruments involved in this first recording. This sound or choice of instrumentation has been developed since that time to fit the moods. The moods on Skiftninger are much more filled with paranoia & energy where the Demonstration-95 is laidback & melancholic, so the sound & instrumentation on Skiftninger is therefore quite different. Jan K. Transeth (former vocalist in INNHALATOR) has been my companion right from the beginning, and has contributed richly to the sound in regards to the human aspect of it – vocals. Being that Naervaer is about expressing feelings, and we are moving in an area of music that can either touch the listener or sicken him with a melodramatic pile of garbage, it’s very important to have a vocal performer who can deliver the stuff in a realistic believable way close to the mood inside. Naervaer has been blessed with Jan. We have done 3 recordings with Naervaer so far, all of them in Jailhouse studios. This has off course also played an important role in the finished result. "Naervaer" means "presence" and was chosen because it reflected our thoughts of being pure and natural and our wish to stay in tuned with the music.

2. What has been the draw for you to make music? What does it give to you?

Terje I`ve always been very fond of the musical expression. Even though I didn’t start playing until I was 16 years, I remember from my childhood being touch by beauty in music. I think this is one of the things that still feeds me the energy when it comes to music making – that I am able to reflect beauty, melancholy, aggression (mood in general) through the recording of some tones on a cd. It is a kick to make something personal & unique and it gives me pride, confidence and inspiration to continue when I make it.

3. Is there something you are trying to reach inside your listeners? A place in their minds? An idea? Do you hope they create something in their imagination with the vibrant sounds? Or is their something more?

Terje I think that most of the music I make, is made directed towards my own use. I often make music that I can’t find elsewhere and would like to listen to... Skiftninger contains 15 tracks, and all of them are different in mood, but when I put the record on myself I’m expecting an experience of soul & mood – to either give the music focus & energy and in this way relax, or to be fed energy. I hope this is a way others can use it as well. Some tracks demand focus to work while others work best as background feeders, so I think that each listener have to use the record to fit their lifestyle… One tip: Some of the details in the composing and arrangements of the songs can only be heard with headphones!

4. Will their be a follow-up album to 'Skiftninger'? Will the next album follow the same flow as the first, or will their be big changes in the sound?

Terje If it is Gods will, there will be a new recording. The music that has been coming out since Skiftninger makes me happy. I really like to play `cause it soothes me. I think the songs nowadays are generally more upbeat, happy & groovy than before. I don’t like stagnation, so if I didn’t have anything new to present, I’d never do a new recording.

5. Beyond Naevaer, are there any projects you're working on (musical or otherwise)? Could you tell us abit about them?

Terje Last year I moved to Denmark and I’m studying to be an occupational therapist. So the next 3 years this will be my main occupation. Last April I got Jesus into my heart and since then my time is spent trying to get as close to him as possible. I do some theatre, exercise my body and play the bass in a church group. Life is good!

6. How do you think the area and environment, where you grew up and/or live, plays a role in the music you create? Does it have a direct effect on the direction of the sound?

Terje My surroundings, both in nature & the people, played an important role in the musical outcome. The city I’m from is known for being a bit "depressive", cold and the people keep to themselves. By living here for 26 years I picked up some of the vibes from the area and passed it on to the music. On Skiftninger I decided to do most of the lyrics also adding some of the groove from the southern Norway.

7. Do you get much feedback from fans abroad, Europe or the Americas? Is there a different feeling in getting recognised for your music outside of you local space?

Terje Not really. Occasionally we get some feedback, and it is exciting to hear what people think. We worked around 7 years on Skiftninger, so feedback tells us how well we spent our time.

8. Do you get the feeling that the present global state alters anything of what you do in life or in music?

Terje Of course! I try to stay tuned in with my surroundings. I spend a lot of my time outside among people and I try to use the media as an informer to what is happening elsewhere. This interaction contributes to how I’m feeling. How I’m feeling equals what kind of music I make...

9. How would you describe Naervaer's music?

Terje If you take Jackson 5, and add a spoon of Billy Idol. Mix it up for 30 seconds and top it all of with a half Puff Daddy (aka P. Diddy) and 3 energetic Jazzmen – you will have the exact opposite of Naervaer's music.

10. Was it a difficult choice to not sing in English? Do you ever feel any pressure to do so? Would it be something you would do more in the future?

Terje No! No! Yes!

11. The following questions deal with artistic influences that have brought you to this point in your life.
a- What have been some of the most important musical discoveries for you (albums/artists)? What kind of an impact have each of them had?
b- What have been some of the most important literary discorveries for you (literary work/author)? What kind of impact have each of them had?
c- What have been some of the most important film work discoveries for you (movies)? What kind of impact have each of them had?

Terje My first encounter with Elvis was huge. I was 7 years old and I got one of his cassettes for Christmas. Man I was rocking all holiday long. My meeting with the Swedish group Landberk more or less worked as a kick off to the Naervaer way of thinking. My Nick Cave period has been very traumatic. Bob Dylan rocks! I found Bob Marley at the age of 26 and I’m very thankful. He has put many smiles on face.

There are two literary works beside the Bible that have marked me... A trilogy by Ketil Bjørnstad "Drift, Drommen om havet, Veien til Daka", Nick cave "And the ass saw the angel". Their description of the decay of human moral inspired me.

There are a lot of movies I could say, but I chose the last one. "Requiem for a dream" I kept on seeing this in my head long after I saw it in the cinema. The story, actors & director are excellent!

12. Is there a dream artist(s) (musical, literary, in films, etc) that you would like to meet or collaborate with?

Terje I wouldn’t mind having a jam session with Bob Dylan. Me on the guitar and Bob on the harmonica. Now that’s something to tell the grandchildren.

13. If an (past or present) artist would choose to cover/remix one of Naervaer's songs, who could you see doing it and which song could you hear them do?

Terje I would like to see either Bob Dylan’s or Led Zeppelin's version of track 4 on Skiftninger "Vi sakke land". They would kick ass!

14. If you could choose any song(s) to cover, which would it be? Why that song(s)?

Terje I am actually fooling around with a good old Elvis tune, "That’s all right mama", at the moment, and maybe it will be featured on a future release.

15. Before I conclude this interview, do you have any last words to share with our readers?

Terje Sunshine reggae!
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Interview [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:11 pm]

FLUXEUROPA: How did Naervaer start, and who started it?

TERJE SAGEN: I used to play electric guitar back in the early 90s in a band called Innhalator, and I spent most of my time experimenting with music, composing and arranging. Me and the vocalist, Jan K Transeth, used to fool around with a tiny 4-track arranging various rock and metal pieces. After a while I felt a certain stagnation in my way of playing guitar and also a lack of inspiration around the act of composing music. After having left Innhalator, I found myself spending more time on my classical guitar than on my Ibanez, so I sold it, and started to explore the wonderful warm world of nylon strings. Jan had bought an LP from a company called Colours which specialised in prog rock acts. It was a record by a Swedish band called Land berk, with the title Riktigt Akta. He played it for me and I was stunned. I was touch by pure beauty. I didn't know that there was a thing called prog rock, and I started to be acquainted with bands like Anglagard, Thule and King Crimson, and found a new inspiration to create music. From the period of March '93, me and Jan worked on a release. Mood was the key word. Don't force it out - let it come naturally, and the reflection of the mood will be pure. There was no focus on the technical aspect at all. In the late summer of '95 we started the recording of our first outcome Demonstration - 95 which contained 30 minutes of high and low energy. In the studio process there are some additional individuals taking part in the recording.

FLUXEUROPA: How has your music developed since your original demo tape?

TERJE SAGEN: The music on the demo was created in the period of '93 -'95 and mainly focuses on expression from a laid-back state. It also had a foundation on the guitar, more so than on the CD.Skiftninger which contains songs/ideas going back as far as '91, but the main period of composing for it was about '96-'99. I've always been attracted by mood descriptions in music, and around the time Demonstration - 95 was done, I was a sucker for those beautiful warm harmonies. I feel that Skiftninger is a bit sharper in its edges than our first output was, it is colder at times and the music is much more up-beat and groovy than before. At the same time Skiftninger has got stuff that is even more laid-back and suitable for the "coma crowd" than the demo. This is music that goes much deeper in...The choice of instrumentation is also different and more diverse on this recording. In addition to guitars, vocals and percussion, we used contra, cello and flute on the demo. This time around the guitars and vocals are accompanied by piano, drums, accordion, harmonica, trumpet, marimba and a small male choir. There are more vocal parts on this one, and most of it is done in Norwegian - for full effect. The sound of Naervaer has automatically been change by the new line up, but also the style has been developed from a balanced late night companion into an all day - all year - kick me in the face when I'm lying down - lift me up on your golden wings and fly me towards comfort – an undefinable little charmer.

FLUXEUROPA: Skiftninger is hard to categorise: what genre do you see Naervaer belonging to?

TERJE SAGEN: This is mood music. I find it very hard to compare Naervaer with bands categorised as either rock, country, jazz or what ever 'cos the music we play is very diverse. If I had to categorise it into an existing genre, I'd choose "Alternative music" - whatever that means...We have got a metal rock past, and this can be seen especially in the arrangement of the music. There has always been a lot of country and jazz influences to be detected in the songs, but I don't know where they're coming from 'cos I've never listened to either. There is always one thing that I feel can identify a Naervaer song, and that is the reflection of mood. It doesn't matter what kind, but it has to be heartfelt and pure..I don't think any music-maker likes to compare his/her music with a big group as a "genre". Even though it's not, I like to view my work as original and one of a kind, and if you ask me about style, I'll say something like "Pure mood music - for your moving and grooving pleasure"..And we're right back where we started. Hopefully the description is interesting enough to make the listener pick up a copy and find the genre on their own.

FLUXEUROPA: What are your main influences and what sort of music do you listen to yourselves?

TERJE SAGEN: Metal and accoustic stuff has always been close to my heart. AC-DC, Dio, Danzig, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies, Crimson Glory and Jimi Hendrix were my heroes when I started out playing the guitar. At that time I already had a foundation on pop and rock acts like Abba, Duran Duran, Elvis, and Simon and Garfunkel. These were the artists I grew up with and loved. Later on, around the age of 20, I got drawn to phenomenona like Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Landberk and Edvard Grieg. I've always been very fascinated by both the beauty and groove the music can convey, and also vocal performances with genuine feelings, like stuff from Robert Plant, Elvis and Ray Charles - to name but a few. Nowadays I listen to everything. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Since I've been loving you’ by Zeppelin. It is simply indescribable, and actually the only song where I completely lose myself and am forced to bring my old air-guitar into action. No matter what.

FLUXEUROPA: Do I detect a touch of Elvis ard some Red Indian effects?

TERJE SAGEN: My first encounter with Elvis was Christmas Eve 1982. Me and my brother had gotten a present to share. After a little fuzz over the unpacking situation I got a glimpse of a smooth motherfucker on the cover of a cassette. He was cool, no doubt about that! We put it on, and an unknown feeling filled me - for the very first time I felt the groove, and it pounded hard in my little body. "You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog" all night long. Since that time Elvis has had a special place in my heart.

Red Indian? Don't think I've heard that one before...The project Naervaer works this way - I normally take care of the music and the lyrical ideas, and later on work with Jan who gives it his magical input. When the stuff is ready for recording, we get ahold of musicians to take part in the studio and present the material to them alongside ideas for their performance. Improvisation is however a very welcome thing in studio, which not only gives the music an impulsive feeling, but also adds a part of the individual style of the performer to the final outcome.

FLUXEUROPA: How did such a large group of you happen to come together?

TERJE SAGEN: Me and Jan have been friends since around '88 and started out in Innhalator around the same time. Tommy Jackson who play the drums used to rehearse at the same club as we did, and also played with us in Techno Sythe along side Bjørn Harstad who did most of the mastering and some recording on the album. Synne who put that female touch on the vocals, first got my attention when she appeared in In The Woods, and later joined us on the recording of the demo. Runar who handles the guitar is the only hired musician actually. The rest of the guys are friends within the local music scene who lent a helping hand.

FLUXEUROPA: Your approach is often quite 'zaney'. Is this willingness to be a bit quirky something you see as characteristically Norwegian?

TERJE SAGEN: I'm a bit zaney by nature, and some of the other guys may also be a bit unstable at times. We are generally nice guys though. It is definitely not something I see in a lot of Norwegian bands. There are a lot of good serious artists here, but some often tend to get too serious and loose those impulsive thoughts to the commercial straight ones.
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Interview [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:10 pm]

Dark Flowers #8
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Links [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:09 pm]
Different sites with mentions about Naervaer. Even in chinese...

Terje Sagen page on My Space
Naervaer on Irond
Prophecy productions
Evils darkland
Metal archives
Naervaer in chinese
Naervaer in polish
Naervaer in polish
Review on Karmakosmetix compilation
Naervaer downloads!

In The Woods:
Metal archives
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Links [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:08 pm]

Rockinstitut - Rostov-on-Don friendly forum
RostovRock - another cool Rostov-on-Don rock forum
http://russianyears.blogspot.com/ - dark russian years
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:07 pm]
Locations of visitors to this page
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Panoramapixel.ru [Jun. 21st, 2006|01:35 pm]
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1. Создание простых (плоских) панорамных фото
2. Создание цилиндрических панорам (360° х 70°)
3. Создание 3D сферических панорам (360° х 180°)
4. Создание виртуальных туров
5. Создание панорамных фотографий, для просмотра в 3D формате - в стерео очках.
Все услуги предоставляются на территории Ростовской области, Краснодарского и Ставропольского краев
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